Not known Facts About MOT Station

Set to 3 to check just the quantity of satellites and HDoP. Set to 31 for one of the most demanding checks that could however allow checks to pass when the copter is going, eg launch from a ship.

Swash servo situation in PWM microseconds comparable to zero collective pitch for that rear swashplate (or zero raise for Asymmetrical blades)

Operate assigned to this servo. Observing this to Disabled(0) will set up this output for Handle by automobile missions or MAVLink servo established instructions. any other value will help the corresponding functionality

Accelerometer offsets of X axis. This is often setup using the acceleration calibration or degree operations

Manage what protocol Serial4 port need to be useful for. Be aware that the Frsky choices demand exterior converter hardware. See the wiki for particulars.

The descent speed for the main stage of landing in cm/s. If this is zero then WPNAV_SPEED_DN is employed

X posture with the third rangefinder in human body body. Beneficial X is ahead with the origin. Make use of the zero selection datum place if equipped.

Compensates to the pitch angle distinction between the Command board and also the body. Favourable values make the car or truck pitch up/back again.

This sound controls the rate of gyro scale issue Finding out. Growing it makes price gyro scale element estimation a lot quicker and noisier.

This sets a lower limit to the velocity accuracy noted with the GPS receiver which is utilized to set horizontal velocity observation sound.

Loiter position controller P obtain. Converts the gap (inside the latitude route) on the concentrate on site into a wished-for velocity which is then handed for the loiter latitude rate controller

Regulate what protocol to work with around the Telem2 port. Note that the Frsky possibilities involve exterior converter components. See the wiki for facts.

Accelerometer mistake threshold utilised to find out inconsistent accelerometers. Compares this mistake vary to other accelerometers to detect a hardware or calibration mistake. more info Lower price implies tighter check and more click here difficult to go arming check. Not all accelerometers are established equivalent.

This parameter sets whether or not an analog rangefinder is ratiometric. Most analog rangefinders are ratiometric, which means that their output voltage is motivated by the provision voltage. Some analog rangefinders (such as the SF/02) have their unique internal voltage regulators so they are not ratiometric.

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